Tri TMI Coaching

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Rates Made Simple

Premium  Coaching

You're looking for 100% attention and total service. You've got goals and you want to do everything possible to reach them. Together, we'll make this happen but it requires complete dedication by us both.

  • 90 minute introductory consult - FREE
  • Monthly personalized Training Plan with changes on-the-fly
    • More than just a plan - I'm here for YOUR mental and emotional support and guidance!
  • Email/Text/Phone calls - practically every single day and more (or less, it's up to you)!
  • Extra special attention to your nutrition, hydration AND injury prevention
  • Lifestyle Balancing - Physical, mental, emotional support to help you and your family***

    We're a team, you and me.
    I'm dedicated to you 100%.
    • $50/hr (billed monthly) or $350/month (flat-rate)
      • The average amount of time I spend on YOUR training is 5-10 hrs/month
    • A minimum 3-month commitment is highly recommended

    *** Tri TMI does not provide certified or licensed counseling, therapy or medical advice or treatment.


    Do you need advice on endurance or multi-sport? Do you know of an organization that can benefit from an in-service or seminar on healthy habits they can actually use? Then you're looking for an expert consultant in health and wellness (e.g. physical, mental, emotional, etc.).

    • Private consultation - $75/hr
    • Group consultation
      • 1-hr lunch seminar - $25/person, minimum-5

    Getting started is easy with
    someone you can trust.